Antwan Shepherd and Carlton Baker Get Grown and Sexy as They “Reminisce” On Their Latest Collab

back in the days..

When’s the last time we heard a few suave young brotha’s hop up on a track a sing about a love lost from back in the day? It probably was deadass back in the day.. You know, vibing off Jodeci and all those 90’s R&B favorites (my favorite type of music, by the way).

It’s refreshing to know that even in the new school, that soul that made the rhythm of the blues a genre for the feels still lives on in some of today’s new hits. A harmonious duo Antwan Shepherd and Carlton Baker make on their latest collaboration, “Reminisce (Just Friends)”. It feels good to know that these two phenomenal vocalists both graduated from my alma mater, Norfolk State University, and give back a piece of history to the legacy of music the university is known for.

Their new drop off likely tugs at the heart for a lot of those who identify with the lyrics. The mixing of two classic Hip-Hop jams, Music Soulchild’s “Just Friend’s” and Ahmad’s 90’s cut “Back In The Day” was a brilliant move for the tone of the record. It allowed Shep to give the collab a more mature melody, and Carlton the chance to play on his tones.. all for a rather smooth new ballad that the ladies are going to love.

Real music lives on. Stream below for Antwan Shepherd Featuring. Carlton Baker – “Reminisce (Just Friends)”. Carlton Baker.. it’s got a nice ring to it.


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