Anyone That Attended The 5th Annual Broccoli City Festival Will Tell You This Year Was GREAT!

Much love to Southeast D.C.

Broccoli City Festival held their first annual fest back in 2013 in celebration of Earth Day. Their goal for the rapidly growing celebration in light of “Mutha” was to get millennial’s and urbanites excited and aware of sustainability for the future; doing so by “mobilizing and educating through social impact campaigns and major events”. Each year, different unique, positive, and impacting lifestyle brands huddle together to present to the masses a more eclectic approach to everyday living essentials. You’ll come across an array of different eclectic lines, including those manufacturing organic personal care products, Magazines embracing & educating on Hip-Hop culture, Caricature artists that took a knack for painting, cool street wear startups, and more.

Along with showcasing the many multifaceted vendors that get involved yearly, the festival promotes healthy and progressive lifestyles in a culture-based atmosphere that brings together many different walks of life.

captured by @nsightz

I’m SUCH a fan of what D.C. is doing with Broccoli City Festival and their now, Broccoli City Conference. The Culture as a whole is doing great things as far as urban festivals, but D.C. particularly.. yeah, they’re on to something. I started hitting BC Fest back in 2015, and that was their 3rd time curating the event.. Number one acts like Erykah Badu headlined the show, not as Ms. Badu, but as her DJ alias, Lo Down Loretta Brown. Willow & Jaden Smith (& unexpectedly, Jada Pinkett Smith), Kali Uchis, Kaytranada, Joey Bada$$, Tiara Thomas, & my favorite, Tink also co-starred on the incredible line-up.. so talk about a first-time experience. I’ve been back every year since, as media.

This year was pretty special for BC Fest, in my opinion, more-so because they innovated in such a way that advanced the mission for the festival– including a week-long itinerary of educational panels, interactive pop-ups, and even a 5k run promoting fitness. The Southside area of D.C. is densely populated with poverty. Having such a positive continual event in the heart of the “ghetto” imposes unity that is quite necessary for these type of communities. And then the idea of having a stage graced in the DMV with acts like Badu one year and Solange another is enough to make you damn proud to be from the surrounding area.

Shoutout to the fact that they also switched things up a notch, having TiDal live stream the entire show, also getting up close & personal with the fans with merch and photo ops. There were also SO many unbelievably talented artists also over the festival grounds, whether it be with paint, expression, clothes, or even foods. The amount of food trucks and tents that had thee most DELICIOUS and HEALTHY food options was a sheer upgrade for the 2017 books. I had BBQ and cornbread with an organic donut, yo. It was serious.

The highlight of the BC Fest was the 2 festival stages. If you didn’t peep the line-up, you missed out something serious. Solange, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Chaz French, Smino, Nao, AlunaGeorge, Nick Grant, and many others gave spectacular performances–my favorite of course coming from Solange, the secret to the depths of so many of our souls. Seeing her perform her debut album so elegant and regally made me that much more of a fan. Too bad we weren’t allowed to really get any performance footage. BUT, thanks to the genius likes of Shamon Jones, better known as Nsightz, we have a few beautiful shots for you to live vicariously through. For more performance flicks and photos re-capturing Broccoli City Festival 2017, visit

Captured by @Nsightz
captured by @Nsightz
Captured by @Nsightz
Captured by @Nsightz
Captured by @Nsightz


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