Atlanta Rapper Money Man Signed With Cash Money Records & Took Off.. Early

Sacrifice, my n*gga

Not everyone has got it out for Birdman & Cash Money..

In fact, One of Atlanta’s promising new talents, Money Man rocked with Baby hard enough to sign to him.. money moves for a money man (all pun intended).

We shoutout Apple Music a lot, because they put us on to a lot of new jams–Money Man & his latest, “Sacrifice,” being one of them.

Atlanta’s music scene, as a whole, is still going up and expanding with different sounds. The way people ride a beat these days is extremely influenced by the ATL grounds, and rappers like Money Man flourish because of it.

Some of his earlier heavy hits, including standouts like “Boss Up” “Step On It” & “How I Feel” is what got him to his current deal. Many of his drops have reached over a million streams. Still very fresh in his career, Money Man is riding a wave that suits him fit with this current trend in music.

Tune in below for our pick from his recent releases, Sacrifice. It’s hard. Shoutout to the producer behind this one. He deserves that bag.



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