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Revisiting a Classic: Let’s Not Forget About The Reign Ryan Leslie Had on The...

Has anyone ever really taken the time to note that Ryan Leslie is arguably one of the most accomplished songwriters/producers that this era of the industry has produced? We let this one slide under the...

Just Now Bumping Alondo Jackson’s “Shadows of Poetry”.. & That Sh*t GO!

Reigning out of Norfolk, Virginia, Alondo Jackson releases a collection of soulful lyrics and nostalgic beats with his new mixtape "Shadows of Poetry". This project came in at a great time (and we just a littttllleee...

You Need a Man With Sensitivity… Words By Scotland Underwood

Ladies, how many times have you said you don't want a man to be "too sensitive"? Someone who is strong in all aspects of his life (on top of being 6’5, CEO of a...

SKY WELKIN Presents: #TrulyYoursVA, A Fashion Presentation (Recap)

Despite the random hail storm that came down late Friday night, everything ran fairly smooth into those last few hours before the #TrulyYoursVA fashion presentation was to begin. The turnout was pretty good for The...

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