Calvin Harris’s Cookout Playlist Is Going To Be LIT This Summer.. He Drops Off Another Jam!

Summertime jams

I sure would love to be at Calvin Harris’s parties this summer. The vibes he’s been releasing lately are so bright and happy. They truly induce a good time.

A few weeks ago he released his Frank Ocean x Migos collab “Slide,” and now he’s back with another jam featuring Thugger, Pharrell, & Ariana Grande. The chorus on his latest, “Heatstroke” makes the intentions behind this record very clear: “release, let go, and have a good time”.

Definitely another out of the box mix of artistry that came together so smooth.. and the touches put down by Pharrell liven up the atmosphere.

I wonder is Harris the type of producer that gets everyone together in the studio to record or simply have the artists’ send their verses & such, because to me it seems like he creates a real eccentric environment when creating.. and in turn, we get records that we never would even imagine coming about.

I read somewhere that Calvin Harris is kind of becoming the DJ Khaled of pop music. I second that, for sure. Listen below to his latest vibrant collaboration.


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