Carolina Painter Adaartz Sheds Light On Black Girl Magic With One Of His Recent Pieces, “Americanized”

The power's in my hair


Andrew Cuffee sheds light on the substance of a black woman with one of his latest pieces he’s titled “Americanized”. The title of this particular painting is rather ironic, because the fullness of this body of work embodies the true essence of what I refer to as the “Mutha”.

The 2-piece dress and stiletto pumps worn by the African Queen are of a foreign influence, leading to the notion of the sista being “Americanized,” but still complimenting her natural & voluptuous accents. The power is absolutely in her hair, and every Queen that embraces her crown is aware of this. My personal take on this painting can be summarized with a Shakespearian quote pulled from the critical acclaimed story of Hamlet: to thine own self be true..

This piece was crafted with acrylic paint. Adaartz is currently offering the painting for purchase at $200. For more information on this artist, follow him on Instagram at @adaartz. Further inquiries?


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