Check Out A Few Pieces From The Recent Art Exhibit At Glass Wheel Studio In Norfolk, VA

1/20/17 Art Show

Thank you to all the artists that offered their very personal works to be put on display for all to see during this very intimate show setting. Much love to Glass Wheel Studio for providing a place for expression, as well. If you’ve never had to opportunity to pop in behind W|R and check out the cool & eclectic creations that helps bring further culture to the area, definitely stop in. You’ll appreciate the views, no Drizzy. I stopped in this past Friday to support a friend at his exhibit, and I was extremely influenced by all the many works in the building. Check out a few of the pieces below:

This particular piece crafted by Robin M. Rogers titled “Progression,” a piece commissioned by Glass Wheel Studio, is my favorite. Deadass reminds me of that huge Sun hanging in the old crib off the cut in Virginia Beach, VA that Pharrell used to live in (anyone whose every drove past that joint knows what I’m talking about). This is definitely the dopest article in the building. Shoutout to the fact that it’s always there.

Didn’t catch the name of the super dope creative that further decorated the atmosphere with these cool “light houses” as I chose to call them. The cool thing about this is those boxes are made out of film clips. There were probably HUNDREDS of them everywhere. I even took this dope ass picture in a pair of glasses someone made out them. A lot of innovative things were spawned from real moments that were captured in those small film strips. Definitely brought a fresh look to the place. Very complimenting over the brick, too.

Angles, baby. The background light fixture was a real fly, to me atleast. When the world lets me touch a smooth million, I can assure you that my crib is going to be all about this type of vibe. It’s eclectic.

Shoutout to Emily Bartelt on this piece she calls “NS7505,” featuring Leo Tecosky. If you’re so inclined to want to purchase this cool aesthetic, it is priced at $8000 and I do believe you can contact Glass Wheel Studio and make that happen.

I failed to mention that most of these artistic designs were put together in 2016. Amanda Rimmer grabbed some inspiration from the great Elvis Presley on this digital print.. and it’s actually a digital print on acrylic. In the words taken from the studio display, “Rimmer’s ‘portrait’ holds a soft, cinematic tone that has been given a modern breath by printing it onto smooth, clean acrylic.”

“Just like fineeeeee Chinaaaaa”.. Shoutout to C. Breezy.

This piece is titled “Icon I-III” and was put together collaboratively by Emily Bartlet and Kimberly McKinnis. My first impression as I approached the fine art made me break out literally singing Chris Brown’s hit joint “Fine China” while I channelled my inner Michael Jackson with the dance moves, especially because it had such cool emphasis on the china that kind of aligned with Hip-Hop culture. Though that wasn’t the interpretation the two artists intended for viewers to have, I thought that was an awesome coincidence.

This piece is actually about humanity’s struggle with power. Go figure.

Looking at this now, I notice Batman in the mix. I actually only peeped the big homie Bill Clinton when I saw this at the gallery. I was more focused on the focal point in the middle of the frame because they add a bit more texture to the overall picture.

Maggie Bush’s “Boys Will Be Boys” piece is an interpretation of a postcard sculpture made by Gilbert & George (no last name) in 1975. Would you believe all the photos seen in this collage were taken by iPhone? All Bush did was edit the pictures with digital filters. How about that technology?



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