So.. here’s how we’re going to go about submitting materials to EDL..


We need good quality visuals, whether it be image or video. Be sure to give us a brief bio on the artist and a quote about your submitted materials. It’s imperative that you give us an expression quote. It’s imperative that the quality is on point. Otherwise, God bless. Press pics are cool too.


We welcome all fashionably inclined creatives to submit any profiles, designs, or whatever have you to be featured on EDL. Again, we are something like a gallery. We are open to anything that feels Dope to us. Please include contact information upon your submission as we would like for you to be able to be reached if opportunity presents itself.


This section of our website is particularly special to EDL. We want to be something like a gallery of any and everything that illustrates Culture, whether it be photos, poems, concept visuals, you name it. Everything in the world is art, it’s all in how you look at it. When you submit your materials, please include a expression quote on your piece(s) & contact information as to where you can be reached for further inquiries, if need be. We want to be sure everyone shines bright. Spread love.


We’re aware of the fact that not every star gets his shine on, so we want to be a platform that supports our rising talents. We’re open to any highlight reels that are submitted to the site, but you better bust a move. Dope moves only. Include social media/contact information as well as your school/program upon submission.

In the subject line of your email, be clear to let us know which section of the site you’re submitting to before you get all fancy with your pitch. We get it, politics as usual. Much love to all the dope lives worldwide. Hit us up at