Daniel Caesar’s “Take Me Away”.. A Nostalgic R&B Feel

That boy good... real good.

 A grammy nod this fresh into his career.. that says enough.

Daniel Caesar has broken pavement extremely early in his R&B career, which shouldn’t be taken by surprise at all. His debut album Freudian explores a variety of feels, all stemming from his real-life experiences and what has inspired him along his journey with music thus far.

His breakout single “Get You,” featuring Kali Uchis, set the tone for listeners & prepped the industry for a quality sound, reminiscent to the old school style of this particular genre.

It’s amazing how much music has evolved today, and more specifically the rhythm & blues sound, but artists of Caesar’s caliber still find ways to stay true to the genre within their own right.

Track #8 pulled from Freudian has grown to become an EDL favorite. “Take Me Away” featuring Syd from The Internet, provides a jazzy/neo-soul feel to an urban set of lyrics, that of which I think resonates with both men and women.

Listen below to this vibe, and take notice to what he’s really talking about. It’ll likely blow your mind that he chose this type of content for such an infectious record.

As they’ve always said, sex sells. I suppose we’re buying.

Sidenote: Syd is featured on this track, but she literally has like 45 seconds at the end of the track to harmonize and cop her royalties. Cut the check.



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