Derek Pope’s Recent EP, “Introverted Socialite” Is Now Available For Streaming. Hear One Of Our Favs From It, “Same Dream”

If you can get past the dope ass production on Los Angeles alternative¬†artist, Derek Pope’s “Introverted Socialite” feature, “Same Dreams,” you’ll find that the lyrical content is something I’m sure everyone has been able to relate to some time in our lives. What I got from the track is the feeling of being misunderstood. Coping with overactive minds and personal demons leaves us all in a very perplexed state of mind. Even with all the Kid Cudi-like issues going on in this song, its still a thought-provoking jam. I’m not so deep in my thinking that I don’t notice the bop on this joint. That’s what I love about alternative artists. They know no boundaries when exploring their sound.


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