Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us PNB Rock Had This Type Of Hit On Him, Though?

Catch These Vibes..

Shoutout to that Key! flow. It’s going undefeated..

All respect to the singer slash rappers–even though there once was a time where the industry didn’t quite respect that particular art.

You can’t carry such a conversation without mentioning Trey Songz and his ’09-’10 mixtape reign of singing and rapping, but, at this point in the game, Drake & Chris Brown have pretty much honed the craft.. and paved the way for those to come later down the line to do their thing.

PNB Rock is of those type of artists that are indeed doing their thing with it. His latest body of work, Catch These Vibes, made its debut in November (we’re late), but some of the major hits featured on the project are just beginning to surface.

If you’re asking about our opinion, his collaboration with Ugly God is super lit.. the most lit. & we feel like you guys are sleeping. So, it is without further ado we present to you… the serious jammer.

If you have a little dance you like to do, gear it up. You’re definitely going to want to hit the shoulders to this one.

Catch a vibe below.


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