Divine Council Is Hella Slept On… But “PS42WW$” Is The One To Wake Em Up!

P. Sherman. 42.. Okay

I think about Finding Nemo every single time I hear Divine Council’s “PS42WW$“. Shoutout to 2 Chainz & Badu on their #PrettyGirlsLikeTrapMusic Spotify playlist, thats where I got hip to this one.

It seems like Divine Council’s name got put on the map really after 3 Stacks hopped on the “Decemba” remix, but ICYTWAT has been doing his thing for a minute. I’m pretty sure 2017 is in for a treat. I try so hard not to get consumed by this type of music, coming from someone whose favorite rapper is Jay-Z, but man… It’s all Hip-Hop.. and this shit is lit.

Listen below.


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