EARTHGANG’s “Strays With Rabies” Project Is a Year Old, But Its Hitting Like A New Release

Strays With Rabies, the album..

The first time I heard this record, I was chilling with somebody I used to know. I think the first thing I said maybe about 10 seconds into the drop was “yo who is that sampling John Legend?!” (come to find out, John Legend sampled that mentioned sample as well with his 2013 song “So Gone” via The Dells and their 1968 track, “Always Together”… a little fun fact for the music nerds like myself).

I’m that sort of listener. If I hear a familiar tune that has been reproduced into a different song, I’m instantly fascinated and drawn in to it. I don’t know. Music just kind of makes you form that type of habit when it has a hold on you.

So, yeah. I heard that John Legend sample, and I tuned all the way in. Thankfully, my first encounter with the song was with the music video.. which is just as intriguing as the track itself, if not more.

Shoutout to the fact that one of the group members went to Hampton University. Can’t shake this Virginia flava.

These guys are weird as f*ck, and I love it. It’s super authentic, and it’s very clear throughout the project, Strays With Rabies, that the style in which they approach their music is no gimmick. It’s that of their own.

I expect to peep Venus and Doc (EARTHGANG) gracing a plethora of festival stages moving forward. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far, and this song is like 2 years old at this point. Their career is on that slow sizzle. I can dig it.

Tune in to that cool shit below.. Liquor Sto’.

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