EDL Exclusive: A Cool Conversation Amongst Creatives At The Upper Room Studio

End of the year cap-offs

 Better late than never..

So.. two things about this here set of dialogue. First off, we actually shot this video in early June– just before Billy Mercury released his latest album, The SOULution. Second, the original intention was for the footage to be used for our EDL exclusive interview that was slated to drop right at the top of his album release.

It is now December, so clearly, we chose a different direction after taking so very.. very.. long on this.

Creatives. We always begin projects that very seldom get completed. I am glad that we revisited this idea, however. It took us back to a great conversation that almost got archived in the lost files.

We chose to title this little joint A Cool Conversation Amongst Creatives At The Upper Room Studio for a couple of reasons that I feel so inclined as to share with you lovely readers.

Billy dropped The SOULution back in June, s most of the discussion was based on his works and the story leading up to it. You know how us journalists/writers/bloggers/whatever-you-choose-to-call-it’s love a good exclusive. So yeah. Again. It is now December.. obviously not so timely of a release anymore.

We also got a ton of hilarious commentary from Team Green’s head honcho, Bobby Blaze, which had nothing to do with much of the topics we would have tapped in on. He was just truly a funny guy that day, so it was only right to bring him into the mix.

Some of VA’s most talented innovators were in the building on the day of recording. Shoutout to Perla Woods, Second Letter, & D-Loc for their slight inputs in the conversation. We very well may continue with this and make it a series, because random and casual conversations tend to host the most opportunity for content.

This feature was supposed to drop off this past Friday. Sorry 4 the wait (Hip-Hop humor).

Without further ado, Everyday Dope Life presents to you good folks.. A Cool Conversation Amongst Creatives At The Upper Room Studio. Tune in below for the new drop.


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