EDL Exclusive: Before Dropping His New EP “Hottest On The Market,” T Crook$ Sat Down With Us For His Very First Interview

Hottest on the market.. it's plain & simple

Consider this exclusive a visual biography for Newport News, VA Hip-Hop artist, T Crook$. It’s nothing for an emcee to get behind the mic and allow his thoughts to flow out with a melody, but it takes a lot of courage and practice to sit in front of a camera and tell the world about yourself.. Believe me. Sh*t, even I myself hate to be on camera and hear my own voice in the playback.. it’s kinda weird (lol).

Shoutout to one of the youngest in charge, T Crook$, on allowing the EDL team to conduct his very first interview experience, and much love to The Upper Room Studio for giving us the opportunity to do so. Prior to dropping off his brand new EP, “Hottest On The Market,” we sat down with the emcee to get a bit of insight on his artistry and learn a bit more about the way he’s moving and things he’s accomplished thus far.

Hottest on The Market” made its debut on May 22nd, and that serves as a very significant date for the BBE squad–honoring a fallen soldier from the team, Laylo. When asked about the title of the project, Crooks laid it out very plain and simple for us: “I’m the hottest on the market. Point blank, period“.

This project hosts an extremely escalating sound as each song transitions into the next. My favorite track pulled from the joint is #2, “In & Out” featuring 94nicely and the late great Laylo. The EP is now available for purchase and streaming everywhere, & we’d love to hear your thoughts on which track you’re rocking to the hardest, as well.

Tune into our exclusive with T Crook$ up top, and watch that joint as if you were peeping it before actually hearing the project. Love is love.. Oh, and much love to @DeddyMoBucks & @DLoc on the interview piece. Gotta respect the shooters!


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