EDL Exclusive: K Camp Brings His “Rockstar Crazy Tour” To Va Beach & Talks New Project, “K.I.S.S. 4”

Slum Lord

Much love to K Camp for rocking with the EDL team while out in the 757 on his “Rockstar Crazy Tour” stop, first and foremost.

Because sh*t tends to get a little hectic during sound check and the hours before a show starts, we didn’t get to touch on EVERYTHING we were curious about in reference to the way he’s been moving since the release of his new project (and we definitely had the quality inquiries on deck for him), but we did get a quick raw & uncut conversation, which is to be appreciated.

During our brief chop up with the Slum Lord, we got him to touch on things such as some of the unique elements he put into the recording process of his latest project, K.I.S.S. 4, how it was different from his last installment, his feeling on the current industry and how social media impacts music these days, and what can be expected from the K Camp brand moving forward in 2017.

Had we had the opportunity for more time with him, I would have asked K Camp how he feels about these Lil Yachty’s out here imitating and “evolving” a sound which ultimately, rappers like himself put into place (the repetitive chanting, the catchy flows, and even the cadences).. but that’s neither here nor there. I also would have loved to get a little thorough on his influence in Atlanta, being that his hometown is such a Mecca for Hip-Hop music and particularly, his sound. Any artists molding under him? I wonder..

I’m almost certain Miami was a real live lituation for the birthday festivities, as we learned the kid was going “Yacht crazy” April 24th to bring in his big 27. There are still a few more dates left on his tour, which will be ending May 13th in Scottsdale, Arizona so grab your tickets now via KCamp427.com.

Take note of the life lesson drop at the end of the clip: can’t take breaks in this game..

Tune in up top for the DopeLife Exclusive.


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