EDL Exclusive: Mack Derico Talks Come-Up Story and Plugs New Mixtape, “Hyperbolic Time Chamber 2”

Super Saiyan God of rap..

Mack Derico is preparing for another lituation with the Rager’s tomorrow night. The line up for the latest Traptastic¬†experience is crazy lit, and this will be one of the first show’s he’s done since the release of his latest mixtape, “Hyperbolic Time Chamber 2: Super Saiyan God“.

EverydayDopeLife had the opportunity to link up with Mack upon the release of the project to talk about his story with rap music a bit and plug his new work. Tune in to our brief conversation with the Bucksquad head honcho below and be sure to take a spin at his new music as well. It’s not “trap sh*t”.. but it’s coming at you just as hard.

Much love to Mack Derico & The Perfect Play for the exclusive.


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