EDL Presents: “Creative Repertoire” Ep. 3 Featuring. 0hpm and 3!5 BLVD

Its happening here in Virginia Beach...

Picking up from our prolonged hiatus from the Creative RepĀ series, the EDL team connects with Virginia Beach based visual artist 0hpm, yet again.

We’ve connected with 0hpm, also known as Parrish Majestic, before with our EDL “gallery,” featuring a few pieces that were created within the span of 2 years (some, that may still be for sale).

This time when we linked up, it was for a tour of a brief, and now history, art exhibit located right along the oceanfront of VA Beach. It’s a funny thing how we came upon visiting this spot, and peace to everyone that invited us to it’s grand opening and were apart of this happening.. because this space was such a mind-blowing artistic expression, and it’s no longer available to peep.

The artists that dedicated themselves to this project spent two weeks bringing vision at a building that used to be considered one of the livest club atmosphere’s in the beach at a point in time– I visited with a friend of mine that recalled so many fond memories while walking through the art exhibit.

To see what young, fresh, talented, inspired & creative people can do when afforded the space and opportunity was an extremely fulfilling feeling. We’re grateful to have witnessed this brief art space, and look forward to the many more building projects the 3!5 BLVD team has in store.. As Parrish made it very clear to us that this was only the beginning.

Much love.


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