EDL Presents: (Creative Repertoire Ep. 5 w/ Fly Anakin)

Anotha one..

 Shoutout to the emcees out here who still make real respectable rap.

Still on our little “end of the year drop off” series, we have another interview for the people. We’ve been sitting on this Fly Anakin content since October for whatever reason, but homie is really out here doing his thing–so we decided to drop.

Much love to RVA. For those that are hip, you can vibrantly talk about the culture in Richmond, Virginia. It’s really rich, and musicians like those stemming out of Mutant Academy, are proving that real emceeing lives on.

Fly Anakin, Koncept Jack$on, and Taumie have had a very digitally impactful year, gaining eyes from extremely notable platforms, and delivering raw talent that isn’t conformed.

In our last 2017 episode of Creative Repertoire, the EDL team took a trip to VA’s state capitol to chop it up a bit with 2 out of 3 members of the group.

“Just a nigga out here trynna get his shit out”

-Fly Anakin

You’ll have to excuse the technical difficulties. I guess we’ve been sitting on these “end of the year drops for a reason (Kanye shrug).

Big ups to everyone thats tuning in. We’re about to go up next year. & shoutout to the artists and creatives that allow us to use them as the muse for our moves. You are appreciated.

Tune in below for ep. 5 of our Creative Repertoire series. Peep Fly Anakin’s latest drop, “Panama Plus” here.


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