Elujay’s New Vibe “Streamin'” Gives Us An Urban Parallel To Maxwell’s Classic Hit “Sumthin Sumthin”

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It goes without saying that Oakland Hip-Hop musician Elujay was raised in front of a record player coming up. The way he innovates sound at only 21-years-old poses a general yet very necessary question when listening to his catalogue.. “where is his musical influence stemming from?”.

Elu’s approach to his music is very elegant. His methods of collaborating always involve live instrumenting with fellow Cali natives and beyond. You can always expect a jazzy yet bouncy groove when he releases anything new. According to the Bay Area artist himself, he helped contribute to a new sound we can refer to as “future bounce”. His love for both soul & Hip-Hop is extremely evident in his new Chris McClenney assisted drop, “Streamin’,”but you can’t quite call it either genre. It’s a mix between all of the wonderful elements that make up this thriving culture, and it’s even sweeter that this jam is super similar to Maxwell’s hit classic “Sumthin Sumthin”.

Shoutout to Raphael Saadiq, and any other R&B phenomenon that helped pave the way. If it wasn’t for the soul and the funk that was instilled by their work, we as the younger generation wouldn’t be able to vibe like we are right now.. to this joint right here.

That golden R&B feel is unmatched.

Here’s a new addition for you 2-steppers and your playlists. Listen to Elujay’s new impact, “Streamin'”..

Uncle Sego inspiration on this jam too? I think I peeped it.


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