EverydayDopeLife Presents… EDL FEST: The Producer’s Cut (A Hip-Hop Carnival)

Hey young world.

So. Last week we made a huge announcement about our first annual EDL Fest.. and we’re super stoked at all the reception its receiving. With it now being August 1st, and the festival only 26 days away, it’s about that time to hustle hard (unlike ya boy Ace Hood whose basically done done in this rap game.. ehh, I digress).

This year, we’re calling the event “EDL FEST: The Producer’s Cut,” because we’re celebrating our rising producers, all the while embracing all elements of Hip-Hop & culture. We’re from Virginia, “where ain’t sh*t to do but cook“. We have a lot of history here, musically and so on.. but our scene is very much so a C-market. With that being said, EDL Fest is going down with the sole purpose of celebrating the greatness dwelling out here in the 757. I could run up our music catalogue for ya’ll, but you know what’s up. We producer legends.. Now, it’s time to honor and enjoy our upcoming and soon-to-be GOATS.

On August 27th at O’Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA, EDL will host probably one of the livest events to touch down in our area in a while.. and to be quite frank, it’s about DAMN time. Shoutout to the fact that a lot of our budding creatives are bored with what’s standard entertainment for our demographic. We’re glad to be amongst the people who really want to bring a new and necessary change to our music scene. So now, the games begin.

Come out and kick it with us. We’re coming to you live and direct with a fun & free day of CULTURE. There will be carnival games, art exhibits, live art, creative panels (with some pret-ty heavy hitting tastemakers that made way out of VA), Bboys, performances, and the most important part of the show.. the producer’s cut.

This is the first of many dope moves EDL will make outside of the entertainment. Be prepared.. be VERY prepared.

Much love to everyone out here kicking’ that DOPE flavor. We see you. Respect.

For more information on EDL FEST and any other EverydayDopeLife happenings, email us at EverydayDopeLife@gmail.com.


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