When Everything Feels Like Hip-Hop, You Realize How Important The Art Truly Is

Money don't grow on trees

┬áIn music today, the lines of any genre are blurred.. completely.. and it’s a beautiful thing.

There was a time long ago when Hip-Hop was strictly that, Rock was strictly that, and so on and so forth. There was this thing called a “cross-over”. That’s when different artists gained the respect and admiration of fans from a different genre when creating music.

That day is nearly dead. Today, if an artist like K. Michelle wants to make a country music album, her fans may be super astonished by it, but I guarantee you that they will grow to love it.

In the grand scheme of things, we have Hip-Hop culture in it’s entirety to thank for the demolition of musical boundaries. This isn’t something that just recently became widespread. The evolution of music has been happening for decades, and it has now reached its pinnacle.

Look at rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, who are indeed rockstars. When Uzi began his career, he was noticeably more of a rapper. Now, he’s whatever he wants to be. The lines are blurred, even down to the way he dresses. All we can pinpoint really is the fact that he’s an eccentric artist inspired by the likes of Rock & Alternative music. You could even throw another rapper like XXXtentacion into that category. Rappers turned rockstars. It’s a wave.

Cage The Elephant is an alternative band based out of Bowling Green, Kentucky. One of their most notable records to date, Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked (which was released in 2009) is a sheer example of how much Hip-Hop has influenced other genres of music. The entire song is performed as if it was a rap song, but they include sonic elements that allow it to still be considered Alternative music, as well.

Here’s the thing about rap: all you need to do is add a little beat, rhythm, and flow to the way you approach a song, and it’s a go.

Shoutout to all the bands out there creating that sound. Listeners today just want to either 1. relate to the music or 2. have a great time because of it. Once you conquer those two goals, it doesn’t really matter what type of genre your art belongs to.

Take Linkin Park, for example. They are arguably one of the illest bands to ever collaborate their sound with Hip-Hop music.. it has always been all about the feeling it brings.


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