For Those That Can Relate, “Bodak Yellow” Is An ANTHEM. Cardi B Knew That Too

Money moves

“I’m a boss, you a worker, b*tch..”

Boom. That’s it. That’s what makes it clear whose the real shot caller. That line right there is the exact moment I said “she’s about to start snapping on us. This sh*t a hit”..

Cardi B is coming for that number one spot as the hottest femcee in the game right now.. and while we’re still caught up in this Nicki vs Remy “lets see whose balls are bigger” nut sh*t, for a lack of better words, a real HUNGRY female spitter is out here perfecting her craft and getting these fans POPPIN’ (now, that’s not to really come for Nicki or Remy because I actually enjoy them both, but I can’t really support tearing another woman down to make yourself look better.. another conversation for another day, though).

We literally watched her come up from being known as a dancer who came up off of her social media fame, to an aspiring artist that wasn’t really getting taken seriously because off her uncensored, raw personality that brought her to that point, to selling out shows on tours & whatnot. Flourishing.. and now that she’s got our attention, she’s coming at us hard.

Bardi’s new smash hit “Bodak Yellow” has the shorties going OFF, and rightfully so, if we’re asking about my opinion. This record was really the “breakout hit” for Cardi B and even though she was already establishing her career as a femcee, I think she knew this was going to be the track that knocked down them doors. Here’s my reasoning as to why..

  • She’s talking that MONEY sh*t..

Let’s be clear that Bardi has been getting to that check. That’s what make’s “Bodak Yellow” that much more enticing. She’s talking real life for herself and anybody that can relate. The energy she brought into the intro of the song feeds off of that cocky feeling having money brings. Nobody can f*ck with you. Nobody can say anything to you about anything. It’s a lifestyle. I get real live every time I run this song because I know for a fact I’m getting to that check too (on my own level.. because there are indeed those). There are a handful of verses on the song that feel relatable to me, so I’m already knowing I’m not the only one that feels what Cardi’s spitting.

  • Her Confidence is well-earned. I think we respect Cardi B more than anything for “Bodak Yellow,” and that’s why we rock to it so hard..

Cardi deadass got it out the mud. The only thing that has changed about her from the personality we watched grow via Instagram and vH1 is her money.  Since her career started growing and her money got longer, her style got a lot more polished. Now we see her making boss moves, speaking on panels, selling out show after show, coping endorsements, and placing on charts. She’s earned her respect. To me, that’s what is most notable about her career and this song. Respect. From the jump, Cardi B has demanded that we take her as she is– loud, goofy, x-rated, and from the streets. Her image has remained solid throughout all her blessings. I literally just watched her live on IG earlier this morning walking through the Bronx with no make-up on looking mad crazy, taking pictures and joking around with everybody from the hood. She’s still the same ghetto-fabulous shorty she was before “Bodak Yellow” popped off and everybody started rocking harder with her music. She just got fancy on em’.

  •  The Beat is hard.. and shorty is really SPITTING. Check the lyrical content.

It always puzzled me how when listening to Cardi B just talk, I can’t always follow what she means or what she’s trying to say, but when she’s rhyming, it’s loud and clear. Hard AF, too. Like I mentioned earlier, that money talk boosts ego’s. If you feel like you can relate, it’s because you’re living a lot about what she’s rapping about. And let’s take note to the flows. The way she rode that beat could match up with these dudes that’s spitting too. We continue to marginalize our female Hip-Hop artists into the small box of “femceeing,” but they can absolutely keep up with the fellas too. Cardi B just rapped circles around your favorite XXL freshman 17 cover artist with this one track. Someone tell me why she didn’t make that cut again please?

Shoutout to Cardi B out here getting her shine on right now. Also big ups to her on her recent Interview with B. Dot & YN on the Rad Radar Podcast, coming to you live and direct via TiDal. That what inspired me to pen this piece.. along with that money talk that’s taking place from start to finish in the official music video. She’s talking bandzzzz.

To all my hunnies getting money playing fellas like dummies, I salute you. Shoutout to Cardi B for empowering us all with her new urban message. “Bodak Yellow” is getting infinite plays from me right now. Catch me on Snapchat flexing off to the chorus.


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