From VA to MIA, Qumontae Is On To Something With His New Wave, “Bust Down”

Big racks on me, bust down

So I may sound like a lame, but I still don’t know what the phrase “Bust Down” really means. Don’t matter though. That young boy Qumontae is out here making its sound gooooooood, whatever it means.

Shoutout to the VA native. Qumontae is currently maxing and relaxing in Miami, dropping off hits like his latest. “Bust Down” comes in with visual treatment, and it’s clear that the “Bust Down” is taking place from start to finish.

When I think about what life is like for an artist living in Miami, I get the same (literally THE SAME) vision going on here. Pretty women. Asses everywhere. Rated R content going crazy.. and rappers livin’ it up in the midst of it all. Qumontae gave us a glimpse into the life of the young, wild, and free with his new video. And this new sensation should have been something for the top of the Summer. Cuffing Season ain’t ready for this one.

Tune in below to Qumontae’s new vibe, “Bust Down”. It’ll be available on all streaming services reaalll soon.

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