Greensboro, North Carolina Artist Ned Miller Releases Single “No Love”

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Ned Miller is not your typical rapper, he is a visionary artist, painting vivid pictures with his lyrics. At 14 years of age, Ned began listening to various songs in the alternative rock genre, which played a major part in his style of rap. Ned recalls watching songs & videos on VH1. He would remix the songs he heard, putting his own style to it, rapping about his life.

Expounding on his growing music career, the Greensboro native formed his very own production company, Modal Vibes in 2016 with his co-founder, Trey Flowers. When asked about the name, Miller says, “I thought of the name Modal Vibes. I was searching for a word that explains while we make music. Modal as a collective, create music based off raw emotions. We consider that the vibe, not just any vibe, a Modal Vibe. We want you to feel our music and catch a vibe. Capture your mind, body & soul.

The two have worked together on quite a few projects, including Ned’s newest single titled “No Love,” which was produced by Trey Flowers. When you listen to his music, you immediately think of the backpack rappers, Which make his musical inspirations like Jay-Z, N.E.R.D., Kanye West & of course Tyler The Creator that much more plausible.

At an early age, after watching Bow Wow on television nearly everyday, he knew he wanted to pursue music as a career. Who knew that Ned Miller would be the rapper he is today? He recalls being surprisingly quiet at times, but he would often get into trouble during his school days.

His new single “No Love” is very straight forward. The recording process was, too. After coming home from a long day’s work, his producer, Trey, was at his place working on some new beats. He played the beat for “No Love” & caught Ned by the ear the first moment he heard it. In fact, everyone around at the time loved the track and wanted to rap on it as well, but Ned had different plans. The rapper worked on the song for two days.. writing & arranging. He even mixed and mastered the track himself.

Ned wanted to be as creative as possible with this track. Trey Flowers made the beat from scratch, & Ned took it from there. Beyond just assembling the record, he even designed the cover art.

A self-made boss is one to relate to, or atleast try. Peep the latest self-made situation coming from Greensboro’s very own below, and keep it locked. You already know more finesse is sure to come.



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