Hip-Hop Needs To Make Room For Harry Styles Collaborations.. You Heard It Here


I love a good variable artist.

For me, the culture is very childlike–in essence of the nurturing and cradle-treatment it requires, in my opinion. It’s a Lil B feeling. Protect Hip-Hop at all costs..

We allow our music and our lifestyle to go through transformations more times than not, some changes producing new products a little more unfavorable than need be, and some as close to nirvana as we could imagine.

I’ve come across cross-genre collaborations with some of the most talented musicians to grace this Earth in my life-long research of this thing I love so much.. music. The next one I’d LOVE to see happen is with an infectious and newly emerged solo-voice by the name of Harry Styles.

I keep getting this thought of Mike Posner, not to compare the two artistry’s, but to actually highlight them. Their unique voices blend so well.. Go take a spin to one of their solo tracks (I recommend “Cooler Than Me” from the Mike Posner catalogue), and then imagine their vocals over a mean beat next to an arrangement of CRAZY verses and flows. That’s the type of feeling that gets me excited about music. I think about what those studio sessions may possibly be like.

When bringing together a set of geniuses of different variety to collaborate on something beyond themselves, the outcome can be nothing short of greatness.

I’m not sure if Harry Styles has dabbled much into a smooth boom bap or whatever have you, but I sure hope I’m prophesying one of these rhymers to get a clue a peep your next opportunity for a hit record. Harry Styles and his 2017 self-titled debut made a statement on their May release date. To quote the cut pulled from Apple Music’s description, “Harry Styles has the one time of his life and emerges from his boy-band chrysalis a rock star.

Boy band, as in this heart-throb is originally from One Direction.. The Disney hit sensations.

His album in it’s entirety explores an array of different sounds, limiting the opportunity to box his music into any particular genre.

I took the liberty of dropping a dime below. This one is special.

Owner of EverydayDopeLife.. and probably the illest chick you ever did see.


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