How Playboi Carti Changed His Sound and How Your Boyfriend Probably Will Too…

Playboicarti, Mexikodro, and how "rappers" stole a sound..

I’m a lil’ late with the commentary.. I guess. But I’ve just been sitting back and peeping shit. After a very long time coming (let’s say two years) Playboi Carti FINALLY DROPPED!!! I mean damn, “Broke Boi dropped in 2014.. the people have been waiting ever since. These two years have been frustrating to defend as a fan, because how do you defend two years of perceived “bullshitting”? BUT finally, on April 14th, Playboicarti put out his self-titled tape, and to my surprise, dropped it on the same day as Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN“. When I finally realized the two were dropping on the same day, I figured Kendrick would simply outshine the up and comer PlayboiCarti. He probably did, but as far as the underground rap scene goes…your favorite artist was studying new Carti flows.

It’s 2017, as I mentioned before.. Drop “Broke Boi” in a party and watch how many people spit his lines word for word. Better yet, type in Mexikodro on Soundcloud and listen to endless imitators trying to recreate that sound. Literally hundreds and maybe thousands of Carti imitators. It don’t make no damn sense!!! I wouldn’t go as far as to say Carti made Mexikodro popular, I think Mexikodro and his group, The Beat Plugs, are a phenomenal group of producers that have created a unique sound that this generation of underground music has identified with. Without “Broke Boi” neither of the two would be where they are, though. The song literally created a new wave, a new sound of music, so when I found out the delay was due to creative differences between the two, it truly disappointed me. On Carti’s side of the differences, he felt as if over the past two years, the sound that him and Dro created had been too easily shopped around (and it was). Anybody and everybody was getting on a Mexikodro or Beat Plug beat, and not only stole the flow, but EVERYTHING.. down to the cadences and ad-libs. So he found another producer by the name of Pierrebourne. Just within the last couple months, Pierrebourne has become a hot commodity, just as Dro was. Not to say he wasn’t already buzzing, but with Carti on the beats, you can expect n***as to try and follow.

On Dro’s side, how can you expect another man to not pursue his dream? It sucks to see, honestly, because if you’ve been following from the beginning, you know what those two can do together. The rift between these two brings me something to I heard Key! talk about ,and his message was simple: we don’t gotta be buddy-buddy to get this money out here.

I even seen a couple reviews say “He waited too long…Everybody sound like him now,” which in part, is true. A lot of dudes have took his sound to the point where you have to sit back and wonder to yourself. “Is this Carti?” Nine times out of ten, it’s not, and that sucks. But since when did we stop fucking with the originals because of imitations? I don’t even fuck with “wokeuplikethis*” ft. Lil UZI Vert, but that shit go hard as fuck because he addressing it right there for you. I’m definitely not gonna sit back and kick it to n**gas like Carti spit classic ass bars on the tape. That’s not who he is necessarily, and that’s not what fans want from him, but 12 tracks out of his 15 GO THE FUCK UP. Don’t take my word for it though, go listen yourself. You probably already listened and stealing the flow right now!!

My favorite song on the tape is “Had 2,” just because this n**ga Mexikodro went crazy on the beat and Carti on a Dro beat is still undefeated. 49 wins, 0 losses.. on some Mayweather shit.

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