If You’re Not Hip, Sam Dew May Very Well Be The Savior of R&B Music

Make R&B Great Again..

Shoutout to Big K.R.I.T. for being the reason I’m even hip to this phenom..

The new school era of vocalists enjoy pushing the limits to their respective genres, especially with R&B music.

Hip-Hop and R&B have always been an intertwined set of sounds, but as of late, there are less singers in the game than there are rappers–and the ones who do indeed hold a note are more catering towards an aggressive Hip-Hop sound, it seems.

Sam Dew is of the few male vocalists left in the game who are still true to the passion in distributing the melodies.

His real breakthrough lived on Wale’s 2013 drop, “LoveHate Thing,” with the hook that he wrote, and became the highlight of the record and his career, at the time.

Since then, he’s gone on to accompany the likes of artists like Ryan Leslie in the songwriting realm, penning some of the illest R&B hooks/tracks for some of the industry’s most notable artists. Not only did he write the hook for Wale’s hit “LoveHate Thing,” but he also wrote the #1 single from that same 2013 LP release with Wale & Miguel’s “Lotus Flower Bomb“. Marsha Ambrosius, Rihanna, and Mary J. Blige have a few striking records thanks to the Chi-Town singer, as well.

Doubling back to the previous mentioning of Big Krizzle, he’s the reason I can say that I am THIS aware of the talents that Sam Dew possess. About a year ago, I saw KRIT make a post via Instagram about a track featured on Due’s debut EP, “Damn Sue“. The cover art drew me in immediately, and the fact that KRIT (who I recently found out is a Virgo– I  love Virgo’s) endorsed it.

I’m always intrigued by an artist that seems peculiar. I feel like they resonate with a misunderstanding that dwells within us all, and they allow the music to be the muse.

My experience with his voice is out-of-body-like. His range is wide and substantial in providing that fullness and versatility that allows artists to be considered special.

One of his more recent drops, “Remember” speaks upon these feels in volume.

I watched K. Michelle on Everyday Struggle recently, and I kind of empathized on how she felt about R&B singers and labels, executives, and even the fans being steadfast on this “mumble rapping” trend. What she was saying was true. REAL singers aren’t really prevailing right now in mainstream attention, and we very seldom get full R&B projects where singers are simply singing. They want to drop bars & uptempo the beat now, too.

The lines for traditional R&B are completely blurred at this level of music, but there is indeed still a lane for it. It’s up to the musicians to innovate their sound, quite like HOV has done to remain a GOAT in Hip-Hop, in order to elevate the genre–and beyond that, the culture.

I believe Sam Dew is of the caliber of artists very capable of doing just that. His talent is immeasurable, and I don’t think we can really compare how he’s pursuing his music to the likes of anyone else, currently, because it isn’t trendy. It’s grounded, and true to a sound.. and with all that being said, you heard it here first, per usual..


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