In The Wonderful World of Music, An Unrehearsed Studio Session Can Lead To a Smash Hit

"Simplicity provides a fine line between elegance and plainness.." -Dre, Brown Sugar (2002)

Who knew that FKJ’s latest live studio session would spawn into a new single..

FKJ has been running his live Red Bull Studios Session for over a year now, garnering new fans and respect from those that appreciate a live & authentic sound from lesser-known artists. He’s collaborated with a variety of multi-faceted musicians, hopping in the studio with each of them to compose harmonies from scratch– playing on the artists’ strengths with his musical gift of giving.

I peeped his collaboration with Masego months back and was completely placed in a trance by the chemistry both artists had in that particular session. Mind you, everything taking place was impromptu, and it’s a well-known fact to anyone hip that Sego can literally play anything (as he so eloquently made clear with his “Loose Thoughts” EP).

All it took was a few keyboards, a beat machine, the infamous saxophone, a small drum set, a few riffs of the guitar, and voila. They came up with the perfect vibe we now know to be titled, “Tadow“.

I think the most fascinating part about watching live session’s with Masego is how in-tune he is with his music. There aren’t too many originators that are so sonically advanced, they can create their voice as part of the song. The King of “Traphouse Jazz” knows how to precisely mesh his vocals with sounds and beat patterns, conjuring up infectious vibes like the one that can be heard below.

You can tell it was all fun and games in the makings of “Tadow“. I bet neither FKJ nor Masego thought that this would become their latest collab single, and that’s a great thing.

Quality music is never really produced on purpose. It’s those sessions where everyone is freely creating what comes to them, that goes on to become the staple.

I wish I could interview both Masego & FKJ together and ask them about the energy in the room while they were recording Tadow. I guarantee you’d get some legendary dialogue from that conversation.

After all, an artist kept in their element is as equally powerful as the fool we put in the White House.. a proverb.


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