The Influentials Series: Kayvan Daragheh of GENIUS (ep. 2)

I never really planned on being in media.. (ep. 2)

“I get to interview people who I never thought I’d ever be in front of..”

For the second episode of our new site series The Influentials, the EDL team visited GENIUS‘s Artist Relations Associate Kayvan Daragheh to get his take on our ongoing conversation of influence in our current music industry climate.

During our brief conversation, we got Kayvan to touch on what it’s like working with Rob Markman, a GOAT “influencer” within Hip-Hop culture. In his case, he had zero intentions of becoming part of the media. Originally, Kayvan planned on being an artist himself, but of course, dreams do change.

Kayvan’s story is rather inspiring for those that have had their dreams differed or even altered completely. Tune in below for our latest dose of inspiration coming from yet another media personality that didn’t know he’d be where he is today.

CHOOSE to be great out there, good people. It is indeed a choice. Tune in below for the latest episode of The Infleuntials. 


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