Iris Temple
Iris Temple Cover ArtSo I caught these guys live in concert, and I’ll be the first to reiterate that good old saying my Granny used to pound into my head: never judge a book by it’s cover.

Iris Temple consists of 2 incredibly talented male vocalists straight out of Chi-Town, and they go by Quinn and Quin. My very first encounter with their artistry was last year during Xavier Omar’s Pink Lightening Tour. Funny enough, Quinn Cochran is the guitarist in Xavier Omar’s band. They opened up for Omar, and they came out on stage extremely comfortable & almost even indifferent.

To my surprise, these 2 average-looking young guys put on a show. They were everything I never would have expected them to be. Iris Temple is the definition of Urban R&B. They sound like a seasoned pair of singers that grew up around the originators of soul. A 2016 article referred to them as “Chicago’s unofficial alternative representatives“.

The unique thing about Iris Temple that I discovered during my melodious research through the group’s discography is that they’re able to maintain the soul to their compositions, but the sound varies outrageously. 8 months ago they dropped off a more breezy vibe featuring Jabril Power titled Venus. 3 months ago, they released a more distinctive R&B record, Ashes, a tune that resonates more with the foundation of their sound.

Iris Temple bring a certain type of simplicity to their music. They’re the type of musicians that can hone the attention of a sold out crown with nothing more than their voices and a guitar. Thats exactly what they did in New York last year. I had the opportunity to greet them after their performance. Hopefully we can get them apart of an EDL series soon.

Soundcloud surfing is still my favorite past time. Listen to a song I came by from Iris Temple’s catalogue below. It just came out a little over a week ago, and it’s just another example of how versatile these rising talents truly are.


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