Just Now Bumping Alondo Jackson’s “Shadows of Poetry”.. & That Sh*t GO!

VA, we bossed up

Reigning out of Norfolk, Virginia,¬†Alondo Jackson releases a collection of soulful lyrics and nostalgic beats with his new mixtape “Shadows of Poetry“.

This project came in at a great time (and we just a littttllleee late on chit-chattin about it), because new & refreshing sounds from an emerging artist is just what the game needs. (I mean, lets be honest, give a n*gga a trap beat THESE days and they drop a whole mixtape the next day). Nevertheless, Londo dropped off a body of work with head-knocking beats¬†laced with ill flows, high energy freestyles, and poetic vibes. No bullsh*t, “Shadows of Poetry” has a sound for everyone.

My favorite part about this mixtape has to be the collision of old beats and raw lyrics. It really gives the tape an old 99/2000s feel. You listen to the way Londo spills out heartfelt lyrics about the struggle of growing up in the improvised streets of Norfolk and being a black man today and get the very obvious message through his music: the struggle is real!

Jackson, aka “Fatz,” gives us an audible journal of a few of his own personal struggles, especially with track #7 titled “New Nawfuck,” “Humble&Hungry“, and “Triple H: Humble, Hungry, Heartbroken“.

On a lighter note, Jackson also shares some romantic words with a seemingly long-time lover on his singles “New Heart, New Tears” and “New Heart, New Tears pt.2“.. and if you’ve been listening for a while, you already know about his Club bangerz “Butta” and “Bossed Up,” just to name a few hits that surfaced prior to his mixtape release. It goes without saying that the young boy is leaving the streets with more than enough options.

Norfolk birthed a star ready to shine with originality and vulnerable lyrics through Alondo Jackson. Check out his new sh*t! Download Shadows of poetry via Spinrilla.



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