K. Dot’s New Video “Humble” Sparks Controversy, But Can We Take A Moment To Enjoy Its Genius?

Sit down. Be humble..

Before getting into anything, let’s note the fact that Mike WiLL Made-It is really on some SHIT right now!! As soon as I saw that he was behind the production of Kendrick’s unequivocal new single, ‘Humble‘, I said to myself “what are we in for this summer, man?!”..

Last night, K. Dot set the internet on fire, yet again (and really, at this point in his career, this will ALWAYS be the case) debuting the new track visually. This is what I like to call the “Beyoncè affect”–releasing new music with visuals, and dropping them spontaneously. Because we expect such greatness from the Compton emcee, and because he has delivered that each time since his 2010 “breakout season” when he released ‘Overly Dedicated’, I think it’s an indisputable fact that Kendrick is indeed the GOAT rapper of our generation.. and this video solidifies that notion.

The music video for Humble was directed by Dave Meyers & The Little Homies. If you go and check their credentials, you’ll learn that this clan has had much to do with a lot of notable Hip-Hop works: Missy Elliott’s “Work It“, Outkast’s “B.O.B.”, and even a PSA made last year with K. Dot & Obama. All of these videos have a same common foundation, with such a creative & diverse approach to the way imagery is created. I think Dave Meyers makes it a statement to create unorthodox imagery and allusion (which is creating HELLA controversy via social media with his latest work with the TDE head honcho).

We were already sold on the theory that Kendrick is coming for Big Sean’s neck with his recent drops. His release of “The Heart Part. 4″ last week resurfaced the speculation with a slew of questionable bars that fuel the subliminal “beef”. The video for Humble adds insult to injury, but is that really something imposed by Kendrick? Or more-so social media? That’s my question, now.

I’ve been gazing across other media outlets, watching reaction videos, and peeping a few tweets of opinions on the cryptic messages we THINK are there, and I resolve that social media is diluting the greatness and creativity invested into the work of art. It literally hasn’t even been out for 24 hours and everyone already has a “solid” opinion on it. It’s like we’re acknowledging the fact that Kendrick is pushing the boundaries and raising the bar, but we’re only focusing on which bars were directed at who.. and which scene was mocking another artist. I can appreciate that because in essence, this IS a component of what Hip-Hop is all about.. but in the same breath, it isn’t. But maybe that’s what TDE wanted out of this drop–to f*ck with our heads and get us wondering. After all, dialogue is what keeps shit popping.. and that’s one thing about this camp, they don’t ever directly entertain the notions conjured up by the media. They take them, expand on them, and create incredible art.

Whatever the case involving any type of speculations, April 7th is going to be a Hip-Hop holiday and I’m so here for it. Kendrick’s longevity places him rightfully in conversations with HOV, Nas, & etc. I respect Big Sean and I sorta like Drake, but this video just trumped everything they’ve done in 2017 thus far. If this was a shot to anyone in the industry, I advise you all to take heed and sit down.. be humble.

But seriously though, take the time to enjoy this piece. This video is pure genius.. I’ve already watched it like 20 times now. THIS IS GENIUS WORK! Salute!


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