Kali Uchis Encourages All Who May Fall Short To Keep Their Heads High On Her New Offering

winners dont quit..

3 years ago Kali Uchis painted the world with her indelible vibes. Today, she’s back again with those same type of feels.

If you missed the Por Vida wave, you have no idea how much artistry you’re lacking in your music library. Since that project debut, American-Colombian songstress Kali Uchis has gone on to create a lane for herself that is vaguely occupied. Only those of an abstract background could even remotely relate to the sound she produces.. literally.

Kali Uchis, branching out of northern VA, is of the caliber of musicians that have that insanely twisted background that helps make for incredible content through their music. At 17-years-old, she was composing music in the back of her truck, which basically was her home for months. One of the most trying records she wrote during that period of her life, “Killers,” turned out to be a smash hit featured on her demo.

Struggle and strife are two things that go hand in hand for a dedicated performer. That’s why Uchis’s new record, “After The Storm” is one to truly be appreciated.

It’s never a surprise when we get a Kali Uchis x Tyler, The Creator collaboration. Their chemistry on any track always creates a progressive sound. However, her enlisting of Funk legend, Bootsy Collins, may have took a few for a loop.

Nevertheless, and of course, this came out to be a light jam. On this new composition, the 3 artists encourage everyone tuning in to keep pressing forward. The entire message in the song is one that we all as human beings can attest to: no one’s going to save you now.. So you better save yourselves. 

This song is definitely a real pick-me-upper. It’s a plus that its an upbeat vibe… because you really can consider this gospel music.

Check in below for the new Odd Future x Bootsy Collins collabo. I hope a must video soon follows.


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