Maryland-Uprising Good Intent Celebrates Valentine’s Day With New 5-Track EP “Onodera Valentino”

Ridin' round in that kompressor with my lil bro Good Intent..

 The introduction of Marty Valentine..

Your favorite rising producer is only 17-years-old. That’s right, the kid can’t even buy a pack of smokes yet… but be clear, the caliber of music he producer is far beyond his time.

Maryland-based musician Good Intent is quickly saturating the scene with his genius talent whether it be through crafting sounds as a producer, or pumping out tracks as his artist moniker, Marty Valentine.

Today he debuts as a Pop-crooner with his new EP, Onodera Valentino. With high-energy, animated tracks featuring eccentric talents like Kelow LaTesha, Good Intent, also known as Marty Valentine breaks the pavement not only as a well-versed beatsmith creating his own sound, but also a polished pop-singer setting the tone for the future of popular music.

Did I forget to mention that this man is only 17? It’s crazy. Next time you listen to these rising rappers like Lil Dude, keep an ear out for that drop. Riding round in that compressor with my lil bro Good Intent.. so you know its real.



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