Masego Brings His “Trap House Jazz” To Colors Berlin & Performs Unreleased Track, “Navajo”

Navajo.. Now I know

Being that I’m from Virginia, I get to truly enjoy watching the Masego “Trap House Jazz” show take off. In the Summer of 2015, he & D.R.A.M. set the soundtrack for all the fun we had out in the 757. Parties at TOAST in the backyard with him & his boys 2-stepping and parading around, collaborating with RBLE for the cool ass vibes were unmatched. (RBLE parties were INDEFINITELY unmatched)..

Now our guys are surfacing all over. The hipsters overseas love that VA flavor. It’s a beautiful thing to bear witness to, man.

By now, anyone that is hip to the smooth Jazzy/Hip-Hop melodies provided by Uncle Sego is mindful of his breakout album, The Pink Polo (EP)… & I’d HOPE that you’ve allowed yourself the pleasure of Streaming Loose Thoughts (EP)

Last month, Sego visited the COLORS Berlin, an online platform that embraces “all COLORS. no genres,” in the dopest way imaginable. Their contemporary approach to the arts is what seems to gravitate musicians and creatives to get involved and offer exclusives. Masego forgot his infamous Saxophone at home for this performance, but it didn’t take anything away from the energy he brought with that soundboard and that seasoned voice of his.

I’m not sure if the world has went out of their way to find this unreleased track after peeping this segment, but I sure did. Tune in below for an unreleased cut that I hope gets to see the light of the day soon, “Navajo“.


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