og.stillvisuals Lends His Camera Lens So We Can Peep His Vision From His Point Of View

worth a thousand words?

This generation is full of young innovative talent, whether it be presented through music, paintings, photo art, or whatever have you. EDL recently connected with an up & coming photographer from Virginia who goes by og.stillvisuals and tapped into his keen eye for artistic expression. A few of the photos you see below were taken as promotion for PACERS urban boutique in Norfolk, VA as well as rising streetwear brand, ALMGHT. The rest of the images were taken collaborative efforts between og and other creatives. He offers a few words for each piece:

 I teamed up with Pacers (@PacersINTL), Quentin Felder (@3rdConcept), Marcthespis (@thespisgonzalez) on Pacers Sodom & Gomorrah t-shirt release. This was my first time working with everyone I teamed up with to complete this shoot. We captured this shoot at a historical church in downtown Norfolk.

Linked up with Jomar (@Mr.pvblo) to explore Downtown Norfolk and Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach.

Exploring new places at Virginia Beach with Quentin (@3rdconcept) and Alex (@afbelardi)

Photo of  Spence (@Spence1reed) Sporting  Almight’s (@Almght) new hoodie

For collaborations and all other inquiries, contact og.stillvisuals via email at ogcreativevisuals@gmail.com. Sending love out there to all the dope lives, worldwide..


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