RBLE’s Max Fullard Makes A Bold Proclamation With His First 2018 Release.. & We Feel Him

They could never do it like me..

Kempsville to Magnolia.. From Cali to Va..

Max Fullard’s 2018 debut “Like Me” has a real ring to it. His project release is likely to soon follow, but choosing this particular track as the single was a heavy introduction.

I love music that allows my mind to create the story of what the artist may have been stemming from, as far as the inspiration behind the sounds. Like Me is really capturing in the well-rounded production, and the vibe it creates. It feels like a live concert performance upon listening. You can pick up on at least 3-4 different elements into the production that allow it to provide the care-free atmosphere for lyrical play.

RBLE as an entity is a group filled with extremely variable talent. For his breakout and introduction to himself, Max Fullard makes a standout statement.

Tune in below for his new tune, Like Me.

Owner of EverydayDopeLife.. and probably the illest chick you ever did see.



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