Revisiting A Classic (4/20 Edition): Erykah Badu Rapped Circles Around Us With This One

Stay woke..

 Happy 4/20 to everyone out there who can relate.

We’ve legit been waiting to do this drop for over a year. We missed the 4/20 anniversary of Erykah Badu’s Fader cover release in 2017, so it was kind of pointless to post the track and celebrate, but this year, we’re on it.

I Been Goin Thru It All” is a EDL favorite, mostly based on the fact that we don’t ever get to hear Badu talk her sh*t. Wintertime crafted the perfect beat for anyone to download & loop to follow up with a freestyle, but I bet her never imagined Badoula hopping on his track. In the description under her Soundcloud post for the song, she playfully writes “(u bout to blow up boi)?.. this that real ninja shit,” boosting his brief limelight after her co-sign.

This one really isn’t a smoker’s vibe, but it is hard… and it dropped on the smokers holiday, so that’ll work.

Tune in below for our latest Revisiting A Classic feature track. Has anyone else dropped a few bars over the beat? If so, we want to hear it, because just like Ms. Badu & the voodoo she puts on men out here in these streets by doing so, we listen..



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