Revisiting A Classic: Anderson .Paak’s “Malibu” Album & It’s Slow Rise To Timelessness

n*ggas got me hot!

Anderson. Paak, like many musicians which are rare in his taste, made it easy to love the type of music he makes.. once the world fully caught on to his type of flavor.

It’s crazy how much more we appreciate Anderson .Paak’s tertiary album Malibu now thats we’ve had a while to embrace it’s worth.

The world was introduced to .Paak (on a more mainstream level) with his many features on Dr. Dre’s August 2015 album Compton. The media questioned who the voice was when that album surfaced and the buzz around the tracklisting went viral, but didn’t start to dig deeper into the catalogue behind the artist until he soon followed up with his 2016 solo release.

That particular album ignited a new spark in conversation about what type of artists the west coast was producing, and what exactly this new talent was bringing to the game. But even with his abstract (and extremely refreshing) induction into the culture, .Paak still hadn’t reached a real mainstream platform.

Fast forward a year later, he links up with producer Knowledge, they drop “Yes Lawd!,” and it was like a rebirth.. the industry was in complete awe with the quality of such an authentic R&B album.

It was this project that solidified Anderson .Paak’s importance and sheer brilliance as a musician, but Malibu was just as polished, and paved the way for the appreciation behind the NxWorries hit.

Malibu hosts 16 production-rich tracks that completely defy the laws that create genres.

I think that’s what people kind of realized when they finally got hip to Anderson .Paak’s catalogue. There isn’t anyone currently making music that sounds like him. There isn’t anyone currently making music that sounds like this. The soulful culture of music that raised Anderson .Paak has bled heavily into the way he approaches his talent. If you peep his NPR Tiny Desk appearance, you can get a live rendition of this notion.

There’s a certain prestige invested into Malibu that makes it a timeless body of work. Songs like “The Bird” take you on journey through his impeccable songwriting ability while tracks like “Come Down” display his effortless radio quality. A personal favorite track of mine is “Your Prime”. The breakdown is very alluring and reminiscent to an era of music that is no longer prevalent. It has that vibe.

It’s something about live recorded music that will always be received with praise. Anderson .Paak is only just getting started, but his longevity is already crystal clear. Listen below to track #12 pulled from Malibu, and pay close attention. I read somewhere that he & The Nationals have been working on their next project. I can imagine we’ll be getting that drop sometime this year.


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