Revisiting A Classic: Bibi Bourelly And The Art Of Self-Love

you got me f*cked up..

Bibi Bourelly is the epitome of self-expression. Through her care-free approach to her artistry, she encourages a mass of listeners to be themselves and love who they are.

One of my favorite tracks by Bibi Bourelly is an earlier record pulled from her 2016 release, Free The Real (Pt. 1). “Ego” has to be one of the most inspiring songs I’ve ever heard, more-so because it’s one that people who struggle with openly being themselves can relate to.

The entire record explains how comfortable Bibi is with self, and how stern she is about never allowing society to box her into who she is, or who she be.

I think I gravitate to this record because inside myself, I feel like a giant. A lot of times, my vision is so clear that I may come off as arrogant to those on the outside looking in.. but should we dumb ourselves down to make others feel comfortable about themselves? I think not.

The art of knowing ones self is understanding who you are, and being just that. Unapologetically. I believe we could learn a lot about doing so through Bibi Bourelly and her work, her presentation, and the thoughts she allows us to see via social media. She is indeed an advocate of self-love, and her music stands on that very notion.

This is a message to THEY: You won’t bring me down.

Owner of EverydayDopeLife.. and probably the illest chick you ever did see.


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