Revisiting A Classic: Janelle Monáe & The Sultry Sounds of “Neon Valley Street”

May the song reach your heart..

 2017 was definitely a great year for black women.. down to politics, if you’d like to look at it that way.

From Hollywood film to the booth, philanthropy, and even political standpoints, women of hue have made just impact. A standing ovation is in order for those like Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monaé, and every single mother that has had to bury her son because of America’s senselessness. It’s about time we give props where it’s due. The Queens are winning.

Janelle Monaé has had quite the successful year, as well, and one could argue that she’s finally getting the accolades she deserves.

Hidden Figures wasn’t her first featured film, but that character brought a different light to Janelle Monaé and the type of artist she is–her animated and unorthodox musicianship transcends beyond song.

We took the time to appreciate her debut album while having a moment of retrospect with her beautiful career. For those that aren’t as familiar Janelle Monaé’s music archive, Archandroid is an underlying classic.

In the Apple Music description for this album, it reads: Janelle Monaé is an optimist with purpose. Her breakout hit “Tightrope” featuring Big Boi lives on this LP, and the overall tone and placing of each record summarize her eclectic talent to a tee.

One of our EDL favorites has to be track #13 pulled from this album, “Neon Valley Street”. It’s a strong music philosophy of ours to be captured by a song within the first 30 second of listening. With Neon Valley Street, you’re greeted with an orchestra that gracefully played a familiar tune that has been sampled by a plethora of other musicians.

You could almost consider this track the bridge to the entire album. It’s just different, and it further reiterates the fact that this album was a classic.

Per usual, we did you all justice and slapped that joint down below. No need to thank us. We find satisfaction in providing the vibes for your listening pleasures.


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