Revisiting a Classic: Let’s Not Forget About The Reign Ryan Leslie Had on The Game

started off with a kiss..

Has anyone ever really taken the time to note that Ryan Leslie is arguably one of the most accomplished songwriters/producers that this era of the industry has produced?

We let this one slide under the radar for far too long. Don’t tell me you don’t remember how much of a chokehold this man had on the earlier half of the 2000’s. ALL of your favorite artists have sat in the studio with R. Les, and a vast majority of them have copped a few #1 records thanks to ya boy, as well.

Lets take it back a little bit.. It’s 2006, and Cassie just 1up’d on Amerie with her breakout single/album, Me & U. Ryan Leslie was the mastermind behind her entire debut.. and the rankings don’t begin or end with just Cassie. Leslie worked with the likes of superstars including Britney Spears, Carl Thomas, New Edition, and many others literally in the beginning of the 2000’s era. It was his work with Cassie that propelled his career in a different direction.

Launching his debut solo-artist album in 2009 was also the beginning of an era for the R&B crooner. For the next few years, he’d go one to kill the R&B game linking up with Fabulous and other rappers on multiple records, solidifying himself as an elite composer amongst the culture.

Ryan Leslie’s self-titled albumĀ is still one of his best works to date. From top to bottom, tracks like “Diamond Girl,” his hit single “Addiction,” and “Gibberish” set the tone for his overall artistry. His follow-up project, “Transition” hosts an EDL favorite, which you can vibe out to below.

We haven’t heard from the genius talent in a mainstream light in quite some time, but rest assure, he’s getting his hands into that Top 40.

At this point, Ryan Leslie has earned his place in any conversation on GOAT musicians. You can check the facts and see that he’s been putting in work long before we peeped his breakout single on the radio..

If you’re a REAL fan, peep his new joint here.. It slides right in to the list of hits he already has in his catalogue. We approve.



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