Revisiting A Classic: Remember When Wiz & Spitta Tag-Teamed The Game?

clear the runway, baby..

 Track #1 came in, that Smokey Robinson sample dropped, Wiz flexed up with the first verse, and it was solidified. This mixtape was a hit.

The reign Wiz & Spitta had on the game from 2009 until at least 2012 was definitely a definitive factor in the super-stardom that now claims both of their careers (for the most part). At the beginning, Wiz was building his All-Star roster with Taylor Gang & Spitta had the Jets moving real militant. The foundation was strong and both rappers built a conglomerate that ushered in a new stream of artists that were blatant about their adoration of the weed culture.

Out of the thousands of collabs that I’m sure exist between them, I think most can attest to the fact that How Fly was a f*cking classic tape, from front to back. The first track featured on this project made that a fact without even getting any further into it. The energy Wiz brought in with the first 30 second experience on that intro was clear on impact.. & he went in.

Clear The Runway baby. I get money from sunday to sunday lady. Oh, behave. I’m young rich famous. Trynna keep my pockets on Schwarzenegger.

I always find myself wondering what the studio sessions were like for the tracks that became hits. I think I’ve said that before in an earlier article. It’s crazy because Wiz & Spitta have a synchronicity about their collabs that is rare in Hip-Hop, despite what it seems like in this current industry. These n*ggas deadass could sit in the studio for a day & come up with MULTIPLE projects for the cut.

To this day, I still think Car Service is their hottest drop off together. This joint is timeless. The cadence, the flow, the samples, the chemistry between these n*ggas. It’s crazy. The song wasn’t even mixed with real quality and you can tell. They probably recorded this at the crib, if we keeping it G.

Wiz still had the fro, so you know it’s real. Listen below.


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