Revisiting A Classic Jam: Pharrell – “Stay With Me” From His 2006 Debut, “In My Mind”

Classic Jams

Pharrell solidified himself as a musical genius upon the debut of his 2006 album, In My Mind. Influencing an entire generation similar to the likes of Kanye West, Skateboard P crafted a sound that to this day, 11 years later, defines him as a distinguishable musician (there’s a REAL difference between musicians and artists, if you ask me).

This particular joint, Stay With Me, is one of my favorites from the album. It’s hard to pick “favorites” on a project so vintage with a replay value out of this world, especially when the project hosts #1 records and hit tracks like “Number 1,” “That Girl,” “Can I Have It Like That,” and “Angel”. “Stay With Me,” in my opinion, is a real depiction of the type of artist Pharrell truly was during that time. Now, we understand the versatility he’s built his platform on, having heard efforts like G I R L and his joint-album with Snoop Dogg, BUSH. These projects explore the far-fetched sounds that we expect coming from the Virginia super-producer. Back then, however, I can recall bangers like “Beautiful,” “Frontin” and his works with Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes molding my overall opinion of his artistry. Those records are timeless, without a doubt, but they only scratched the surface for me.

This pick for today kind of feels like the balance between the old and the new sounds he produces, and we’re talking about cuts that were released over a decade ago. That tells you enough in itself, this is genius music man. Shoutout to Pusha T for lacing the track with hella Virginia vibes. 2 up 2 down! Catch a vibe below.


  1. Plus, my grandma lived in the city, and I could take the train in, stay with her, and head home the next day. I had a hair-trigger for new-and-exciting-sounding music, and was prone to bum-outs when a band didn’t live up its billing.


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