SiR: TDE’s Best Kept Secret

I'm just here to add a little color to the canvas..

Singing sultry soulful songs, SiR serves as TDE’s Best Kept Secret.

Inglewood Native, SiR , is not only a singer/songwriter but a producer and engineer who has worked alongside Stevie Wonder,  Anita Baker , Tyrese and that’s just to name a few . However, very few have knowledge of this great tastemaker, TDE has recently signed. The son of a church singer, nephew of Andrew Gouche (The Late Prince, Bassist) & brother of two incredibility dope songwriters, SiR is no stranger to music. In fact, this very EP is the sequel to his second EP, Her.

More fitting, Her Too, is his first official project released with ties to TDE. This short but ever so sweet,  6-songed EP is laced with a refreshing sensual sound, no matter the topic.

With features from dope spitting rapper King Mez , and fellow Cali Native Anderson .Paak “New LA” surrounds you with the familiarity of Drake and takes a steep dive into his detailed storytelling . Vivid imagery pulses through each verse, while the vibes remind you of a bright Sunday Morning drive.

From warm and welcoming to sweet and sexy “The Canvas” is charismatic without the overt need to sexualize a woman. This song does a great job of making her feel appreciated, making you wish you could be Her Too.

“Don’t Call My Phone” seems to be an R&B rendition of a diss track, which you would think could go left but it’s so right. It’s a groove, with such a particular cadence that floats between singing and rapping you cannot refute this man’s talent.

“Ooh Nah Nah” dips you right into the decadence of his distinguishing depth of range. This song is so sexy yet tasteful, his message clearly understood as his presence is felt. And if you have a good ear, samples the same song as Hotline Bling.

“It don’t get sweeter than this
You may be tempting,
But it ain’t hard to resist …”

With lines like these, it is clear SiR’s source of inspiration is his wife. (I know ladies; he’s taken) Being “spoken for” seems to be a defining trend in the TDE’s camp, that clearly sets them apart. All the while , “SUGAR” gives us Intel as to how a faithful man may think. It’s too sweet.

And this last song from the EP is what made me truly tune in and search this man’s past work, age, marital status, influence, & credit score (LOL ).  The magnifique mix of Jill Scott’s – Slowly Surely , in addition to the story telling lyrics of a modern day Romeo and Juliet.  W$ Boi will definitely have you tuned if you’re not impressed thus far. From his alluring lyrics, to his tasteful topics SiR is a breath of fresh air. Definitely check this man out. Listen below to a fan favorite pulled from HER TOO, “Canvas”.

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