Despite the random hail storm that came down late Friday night, everything ran fairly smooth into those last few hours before the #TrulyYoursVA fashion presentation was to begin. The turnout was pretty good for The 757 to have been under a tornado warning. I’m sure most people had the same thought as me, “I bought these tickets… aint no tornado finna stop me from going!

What really stalled me from getting into the show was the petty, buff security guards at the door (lol). They were enjoying the fact that I had my scarf on to keep my hair from turning into a mean ass fro.

We just wanna see what the fro looking like ma“.

Umm. Sir, get out my face!

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Anyway, the scenery and vibe upon walking into Granby Theater was really warm & welcoming. This was my first time ever attending an event at Granby Theatre– and if you know anything about Norfolk, VA, you know the history behind this place– so I was really trying to observe everything and feel the energy. The sections were nice. I really enjoyed the layout of the entire place. There were SO many stairs to get to the bathroom (lol).. especially in some heels.

Unfortunately, because Alisha is always late, I missed the first three brands who showcased their looks to the crowd of attendees. BUT, I got the scoop later. Im efficient.

Those brands included:

I arrived during the intermission, and y’all already know I have to pull up to ANY function highed up.. just keeping it G.

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I had my Henny. The vibe was nice, and there were available seats near the stage.. so everything was gucci.

After intermission was over,  Era Hardaway presented his urban luxury brand, STEEZ PRM. Era (or Juug, depending on how you know him), came out to the stage with a lot of energy while he performed his new and still kinda unreleased track “Flavor“. He was upbeat and high-spirited as he helped the audience vibe out. His models came out one by one displaying some of the new looks STEEZ has to offer for the spring season. Babygirl with the 32” inch weave looked AMAZING during this performance, too. I was here for ALL that length while she was rocking ‘THE VIRGINIA TEE’ in white down the runway.

All of the models from the STEEZ PRM segment of the show did an amazing job and showed off all of the “Virginia Collection’s” looks very well.

Next on stage was Inspired Truth Material, created by Llamar. The multicolored NOIRE Hoodie caught my eye instantly as Janessa walked down the runway rocking that fly look. This hoodie is definitely a must buy. The gray, peach, and neon color scheme is easy on the eyes and the hoodie looks lightweight. Perfect for the Spring season.

After the models graced the stage in Llamar’s bold styles and tees, ALMGHT was next to showcase its looks. The brand created by Darius Holley had some great looks to hit the runway. First off, let me say how much I love love LOVED the ALMGHT Woolen Varsity that Darius wore himself in the show. If you’ve been looking for a Varsity jacket to complete your wardrobe, then look no further because this one isn’t super bulky and the fit looked good.

I was also a fan of the all black look that the sister with the dreaded puff balls was serving. She paired the 3M ALMGHT Tee with ripped spandex shorts, a gold chain, and all black combat boots. Definitely here for all the black girl magic she was giving off.

Last but not least was the man with the plan and the one who gathered all of the creative young men & women to put this fantastic show together! My man Zeke “FRKYZKY”, co-owner of SKY WELKIN, closed the first half of the night off with models coming out in he and Derrick Simon’s latest collection. From the long-sleeved tees, to the shorts and beanies, I am a fan of all the looks this brand has to offer. I was extremely interested in the denim button-up that I think had the SKY WELKIN cloud figure on the back, but it must not have dropped yet (stay tuned). Neutral, solid colors are to be expected with this season’s looks. Lots of sweaters and beanies to hold you down during the Spring chill that occasionally rolls by, but also some cute fitted tees and shorts for when the sun wants to pop, out as well.

 Don’t let me forget to mention young Vontae Knight, the amazing cameraman who got footage of the entire show from start to finish. Watching this man work was so exhilarating because he was so into what he was doing. The chemistry he had with the camera was admiring. Definitely book that man for your next event!


That was the end of the fashion show segment. It got lit after the business was handled. You already know.. “After the party is the afterparty!





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