Smino & Ravyn Induce Indelible Vibes With Their Latest Collaboration, “Glass Flows”

"I think I made you too special."

I love me a slept on artist. Like seriously. I love being an alarm clock, putting people on to music knowing they / them / you
probably never heard of it.. waiting and watching reactions. I’m here for it. Like it’s a sole purpose. Like it’s MY sole purpose. However (comma), when I go to express my own reaction to this shh right here, NIGGA.

Goosebumps. Goose flesh. Iconic. Supersonic. Creative. Visionary. It’s handled. No Scandal.

When I’m telling you they did THAT. The chills, I have.. oh honey. This that particular song has been on infinite repeat flow … I have to explain. First and foremost, sonically it pulls you into their vibe. This song is so unique and so specific in aura, you have to hear it to understand how great this track truly is. Monte Booker did his thang with the production babes, and whomever mixed it down – Can we say, “Grammy?!”

Smino and Ravyn have such an effortless magnetism, the fusion of their voices begin and ends each other sentences, and even if one voice is not in the forefront, their presence haunts you until they return. This track is the embodiment of a relationship, where you know you have irrefutable chemistry, but ultimately you realize they may be a tad bit toxic for you. The song evokes you to wrestle with the push-and-pull of fighting human nature.. Reminding you that no matter how deep the allure is in the bedroom, to walk on eggshells in a relationship is NOT the most ideal thing to do.

This song is truly reminiscent of a relationship gone south, in all it’s glory, passion, and chemistry. Every word is necessary. The lyricism and imagery expressed is absolutely glorious. This song is so passionate because you feel it. What makes it most empowering is the accountability. They aren’t saying the cliché “you solely broke my heart,” they took this to another level and gave you the full scope of two adults understanding the dynamics of the relationship you signed up for.. and maybe, just maybe – you made them too special.


I’m just saying. “Stay woke. Niggas creepin’.”

I'm extra , you'll read about it .


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