STEEZ Premium #ESSENTIALS Winter Collection Pop-Up Shop (EDL Recap)

Stay True..

For every brand that made its way “out the mud,” as the rappers of today so eloquently like to put it, you can rest assure that the dream invested into visionary behind the work is persistent.. and certainly unyielding.

It’s easier for me to continuously shed light upon the rising talent and innovators branching out of Virginia, simply because I witness most of it at a first-handed view. But it goes without saying that my home state is a pioneering place of unique creativity, across the board in artistry.

STEEZ Premium, one of our more quality-like, rising streetwear brands has been building a solid foundation on the idea of “staying true” to self and premium design through clothing and goods. Since it’s 2013 launch, STEEZ has released standard products that reflect a positive message, a urban look, and rising culture of wide-ranged designers.

At the top of September, the brand launched their new #ESSENTIALS Winter Collection with a vintage-themed lookbook to embody the aesthetics. The genius behind this drop can be credited to both owners of STEEZ Premium, Era Hardaway & Dawit N.M.

The EDL Team had the opportunity to visit the brief pop-up that took place at PACERS in Norfolk, VA. Tune in below for our recap and shop new winter collection fashions here.


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