The Influentials Series: Quinelle Holder of Medium PR Agency (ep. 3)

I learned the importance of titles early on.. (ep. 3)

“One thing I learned early on is that people don’t want to support things that you’re directly involved with. People like to support other people’s things..”

In episode 3 of our EDL site series “The Influentials,” we connected with Quinelle “Coach Q” Holder of Medium PR Agency to get his perspective towards our ongoing conversation…. what is your take on “influence in the current state of the music industry?

Today, Quinelle Holder is what you can consider to be a “media mogul”. Coach Q began his career in street wear apparel, which in turn, led him to becoming a blogger, media personality and now, a CEO. His media reign surfaced during a time where the impact of the digital space on Hip-Hop culture was still fairly fresh, and in his interview with the EDL team, he made one thing very clear–he was able to skip A LOT of steps in gaining momentum towards his growing career because of the power of social media.

Quinelle had a handful of gems to offer viewers as far as his input on how social media has helped grow his brands personally, and how it can and will affect those who indulge in it for their own endeavors. Tune in below for the latest installment to The Influentials series. For more information about Medium PR Agency, visit their website.



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